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    I\'m in the process of setting up my chrome tank. I purchased the 2 gallon triple chrome kit. My question is should I use both of the chrome anodes that are supplied with the kit? If I put one on each side of the tank, it just about covers the entire surface area of the tank. My thought is to cut it in half and use half on one side and half on the other. Any help is appreciated. Thanks....

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    Re: Chrome Anode

    The bigger the anode is, the better the \"throw\", meaning that it will plate evenly across the entire part.

    Read the \"Lines Of Force\" section of the manual (Page 11)

    Use the whole area of both the anodes.
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      Re: Chrome Anode

      A good rule of thumb for chrome plating is to figure 2:1 anode (the anodes on the side of the tank) to cathode (the part you are plating) ratio
      By this I mean, if you are trying to plate 10 square inches on your part you will want 20 square inches of the lead anode in the chrome bath to transfer the current to the part.
      If you go with too big of a anode in the solution it will get a yellow **** all over the anode and you will have to scrub it off.
      You want a nice brown coating on the lead anode.
      Try to put your anodes on either side of the part.
      Take your anodes OUT of the solution and let them dry after you are done.
      Hope this helps
      48 Buick