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Build up of lead anodes

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  • Build up of lead anodes

    Has anyone tried casells instructions on page 11 of the manual on stoping the build up of lead anodes using the chrome tank. My anodes are used and they are causing problems with build up, I was wondering if I need to buy new plates and do the process on them are try to clean up my old ones. It gets old grinding the plates every time I have to fire up the chrome tank.

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    Looks as if we're having the same problem, and can't get an answer. I've tried Caswell, and they're no help. They told me to run scotch brite over the anodes....................Well, that is why I'm here. I'm tired of running scotch brite over and over and over. Geeezzz!

    I'm starting not to like Caswell's customer service. Also, it seems nobody hangs out here anymore.

    This site S U C K S!!!


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      Well I quess I will have to try it myself, I read the instructions and it seems easy to do but I haven't tried it yet.