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  • Dull zinc wanted...

    I hate zinc.

    At least, I think it is zinc that I hate.

    I\'ve got some electronic equipment I\'m trying to restore, and its case and innards contain a lot of that dull gray finish metal which I assume is zinc plated. Anyway, it has darkened in certain areas, and especially where it was subjected to ancient fingerprints. Is there any way to remove this \"tarnish\"? I guess I could re-plate, but I\'m wondering if there is any kit/solution which will provide that same dull gray finish.

    If I just polish, I think I\'d just be removing the zinc - and anyway, it would not then match the original dull coating. Any suggestions?


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    Re: Dull zinc wanted...

    Our Copy Cad Kit is designed to replicate that dull looking cad/zinc look. See

    A quick test to see if it\'s really zinc you have is to put a drop of acid on the part. If it bubbles vigorously, you have zinc.
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