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Electroless Krome look and quality?

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  • Electroless Krome look and quality?

    Hey to the forum, but not new to custom work. I do alot of custom motorcylce finishing. Mostly polishing and colorchroming (wish i had the funds to get the triple plating chrome kit).

    Im interested in learning this Electroless chrome process for smaller parts. I want to chrome smaller things like brake levers, triple trees, rear sets, etc on motorcylces.

    How durable is this? does it look like chrome? if so can u post a few pics? I want to try out the smaller kit, and if i like it, i'll purchase the bigger one so that i can chrome complete swingarms, etc.

    Please give me some insite and info if possible

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    From what I have learned, even electroless nickel is more durable than electrolytic nickel. So I would conclude that the electroless chrome is further up the hardness scale yet. It's worth a try.

    To improve corrosion resistance over steel, my recommendation would be to apply flash copper. If you are plating pot metal you'll want to do this anyway.

    I have not tried it yet so I cannot offer any pics, but it would definitely be high on my list if I needed a chrome substitute for interior use. It would certainly be safer to use in the home workshop than hexavalent chromium, which is a big plus.