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GP Plates? Anodes?

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  • GP Plates? Anodes?

    I\'m a newbie at anodizing. I have some questions. I have bought dye and a 3 and ahalf gallon tank. I have seen many web sites with how-to\'s on them. Most say a piece of lead to hook the positive power to. What is the difference between a GP plate and an anode?

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    Re: GP Plates? Anodes?

    They\'re pretty much the same, except than an Anode will sacrifice itself as the source of plated metal. GP Plates are permanent.


    When nickel plating with a nickel anode, the anode will get smaller and smaller as the metal depletes from the anode.

    When chrome plating with GP Plates, the chrome metal is coming from the solution, not the anode, so the GP Plate doesn\'t deplete.

    Anodizing is very different, as you\'re not actually plating a\'re using electricity and the acid bath to grow a layer on the aluminum. Because of this, the GP Plates don\'t metal is being transferred.

    GP stands for General Purpose.
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