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plating help needed?????

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  • plating help needed?????

    Hi Folks I'm new to this board and came here in hopes to find some answers and direction. I make toys from casting resins and would like to apply any of the possible finishes to my work. I sure would appreciate any help as I am new to the whole idea of plating. Chromed, anodized, and powdered pieces would really make a differance in my final products. I found this site while searching Plug n Plate. My parts are very small in nature.

    Thanks Don

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    IF you need help with powder coating there are a bunch of us that were born with it in our blood.. but there is also a buch of platers around .. Fly would know alittle more about that then me ....

    but good luck


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      What kind of help do you need, do you want a plater or do you want to become a plater. The toys can be plated but you have to decide what you want. I will be glad to help in what every way I can just ask, if I don't know, I can find out.