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Triple chroming question?

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  • Triple chroming question?

    Still learning all this chroming process and going to be purchasing a the 4.5 gal triple chrome kit with probably the 60amp rectifier. Ive just beeing polishing everything for the past 5-6 years...and want to move to chroming. Here is my question...i'll try to make it short and sweet. pertains to slightly larger motorcylce items...lets say a SWINGARM

    1. Flashing - req's 1 amp or 15 sq in from what i understand. This means flashing it shouldnt be a problem. (Can basically flash things up to about 800 sq in withouth running wide open on the rec.) If so i can flash one half and do the other and then buff out.

    2. Nickle bath - basically same as procedure as above.

    3. Chrome - 1 amp per 1 sq in. - Maybe have to do it in three sections or so. This is where my concern is. Will most the lines from each dip buff out and show quality (no raised line..ripples, etc. if buffed properly)

    IF N E ONE HAS OTHER METHODS TO DO THIS TYPE OF JOB PLEASE POST OR SEND A P.M. I dont plan on doing n e thing larger than swing arms.

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    I would not recommend plating part of an item at a time. You don't want to allow sections to passivate while the rest plates, and then try to remove the passivation later. The results may be disastrous.

    You will find that proper plating is a balance of chemistry, science, and finesse. When all is said and done, as a "newbie" you'll have enough challenges getting everything to come together and work right without throwing a variable into the mix like dealing with plating half of a part at a time.

    You're going to need to figure out where to get a rectifier that can deliver what you need, or have a professional plater do the larger parts.

    Can you justify a purchase of the proper rectifier as part of the up front investment? If this is to be a new service, you can justify the rectifier as capital equipment which can be amortized over the revenue from all the parts you plate. You want to start off on the right foot doing things right.



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      I agree very well said, I have been plating for about 4 yrs and I still have problems. The half part plating can be done but you can't do it in the chrome, because you cant plate chrome over chrome. Good luck man and get ready to spend money if you plan to do it for a business.


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        Thanks for the help. Im debating on which rectifier to get. I was thinking of spending the money to get a 250 amp used...but this still doesnt give me enough amps/sq in to do n e thing like a swing arm all at once. So i guess i have some thinking to do.

        However...everyone i talked to from caswell said plating an item a section at a time wasnt bad.

        I guess everyone is right, i should probably learn the process first, then move up, i figured it would be easier to start off buying a bigger rectifier so its there when i need it.


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          I found that alum. is hard to plate, so try to get the carbon steel down first, it will be the easiest to plate out of the different metals. Also I found that it is cheaper to let a larger plater do the big jobs because I don't have that many big jobs so I come out better doing the little and letting my larger plater do my big jobs. I get by with 40 gal. tanks and do good on parts from cars to bikes and everything in between. I have a account with a larger plater that gives me a dealer discount and that helps out with my larger jobs. Aslo I have account with a bumper shop that gives a discount for my business so think of the options that are out their.


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            Re: Triple chroming question?

            Usually about how many gallon kit does it take to do up to say a 22inch wheel?