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  • Possible Newby Question

    I am looking at buying some used equipment right now, basically the guy has a copper and nickle tank (30 gal Each) and Brush chrome/gold setup, with a 50 amp rectifier. I am trying to decide if the equipment has the possibility to make any money. I currently build custom cars/bikes/golf carts etc..It is a part time hobby type thing at the moment, but I am looking for a way to expand and make a little money.

    First off is the brush plating any good at all for small chrome pieces?

    And second for business planning purposes how do I figure the expenses of materials on a per square inch basis? I am confident that I can handle the labor expenses, I have polished enough and am comptent at paint preparation to know what it takes to get an object smooth.

    I used the search function, but I could not find any answers to these questions.

    Any other thoughts and ideas?

    Thanks for the help.


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    Re: Possible Newby Question

    Yes you can make money and do a good bit of work with that set up, I have a 40gal set up and do very good, but I have a 60 gal chrome tank. The brush plating is good but you have to be patient and very clean and a few other things, I did the same set up for about a yr. and then I set up my chrome tank and it makes a world of difference compared to the brush plate chrome. YOu might think you have the part smooth enough for chrome if you compare it to paint prep, but you have to go a little more on the polishing. THe prices is basically what you want to charge, but you will learn what the work is worth to you, but just find a plater on the web. and copy their price list, that is what I go by on some parts that I am not sure about.


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      Re: Possible Newby Question

      Fly, How are you dealing with the permits/environmental end of doing the tank plating? That is my biggest fear in buying this equipment, the equipment I am looking at has a 30 gal copper tank, and 30 gal nickel tank. I am leary of future problems I might have with the enviromental folks if I am running out of my house. I don't think if you were building and chroming stuff for yourself there would be an issue, but once you advertise and do it for other folks I begin to worry a little.

      Thanks for your reply.



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        Re: Possible Newby Question

        As long as you follow the rinse instructions you will have no problem, and I only plate part time and that is a hobbie. So what EPA don't know wont hert them, but I make sure I do everything by the book just in case they show up one day. Try to keep people and children away from the chemicals also and just be carefull with the chemicals and you will be ok. Your chrome is the biggest of all three, but you can do like I did and brush plate the chrome. My brush chrome was from another company.