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  • Copy Chrome? / Temp?

    Hey folks,

    I just received my complete wheel kit $4000 , and started my chroming process. All goes well up intil the copy chrome part... I am doing aluminium.
    The zincate goes well, the copper flash goes well, but now the ?'s :-

    1. I received the copy crystals in a 5 gallon bucket not in premeasured bags. I also received plastic bottles of nickle brightner. DO I put the distilled water plus the copy crystals PLUS the nickle brightner? I do have them in the amounts they stated on the site in my bath (1.5 gallons distilled water, 35 oz copy crystals, and 4 oz Nickle brightner)

    2. What tempreture should I keep the copy chrome mixture at during the plating process?

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Copy Chrome? / Temp?

    Well first off, all the question you are asking should be in the manual. The copy chrome and nickle use the same instructions. That being said, yes mix all three together heated to 110 deg F and stir it until the crystals are dissolved. Then let it sit for 24 hours before using it. Heat to 110 deg F for plating.


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      Re: Copy Chrome? / Temp?

      Yes I did see that, it shows nickel to 110 degrees and Copy chrome to 70 degrees in manual.

      I simply heated the entire mixture up to 110 degrees and all went wonderful.


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        Re: Copy Chrome? / Temp?

        I have been using this product for about one year and have had great results the thing I think people should remember is that once you have heated the solution you are using then you place your items into the solution the temp of those items will bring the temp of the solution down
        I always use copy chrome at 95- 110 degrees
        Jim Eaton


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          Re: Copy Chrome? / Temp?

          One Other Thing, Put Some Insulation Of Some Sort On The Tank, It Helps Heat Quicker And It's Cheaper To Maintain The Heat.