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No laughing.. cathode type?

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  • No laughing.. cathode type?

    Hello guys,

    When doing the finishing copy chrome plating I know I use 2 nickle anodes +

    But is the - cathode a nickel piece as well or a copper piece attached to the product?

    Thanks P.S. no laughing I am a newbie

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    Re: No laughing.. cathode type?

    The cathode (negative connection from the power supply) connects to the part you will be plating (use a short piece of copper wire to hang the part from and clip the negative lead to the copper wire).

    The Anode (positive connection from the power supply) connects to the metal "Anode" that will transfer the metal to the part being plated (in your case, the (2) nickel sheets).


    Clip the negative lead to a short piece of copper wire and hang the part being plated on this copper wire (you don't want your power supply leads getting wet with solutions).

    Clip the positive lead to the nickel anode sheets, (1 each) on either side of the tank.

    Keep the anodes at least 3" away from the part being plated.

    Lot's of air bubbles for agatation.

    Adjust the current to 65 to 100 milliamps per square inch of surface area of the part and plate the part for at least 1/2 hour.

    DON'T take the part out to look at it until the plating cycle (1/2 hour) is done, otherwise the plating will peel off.

    Ok, I can tell you already have more questions.
    E-mail me thru my profile for fool proof "step by step" instructions.
    (I made these up to assist members of the Caswell board.)

    George W.