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12v power source using Nichrome??

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  • 12v power source using Nichrome??

    N e one out there have a set up using the 12v deep cycle with the nichrome wires. Been doing some research on it, seems easy enough to get a decent amounts of amps from the set up, i was just concerned with the heat that will result when running 2,3,4,....wires. The example on the manual goes up to a 50amp combinations, i just wanna know if any one experimented with tryin go to higher.

    In the manual it said that the wires can run as hot a 800 deg. After talkin to tech for the nichrome i was told that the 18gage used has a melting temp of 2200F so there is room to increase alittle. But this may at like a big heater since i am setting this up indoors. I guess i'll only need to use the really high amps when using the chrome tank; it wont be on long so i guess whatever temp it runs at will be ok.

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    Re: 12v power source using Nichrome??

    You seem to have figured it out. Yes, it will reach 800 degrees whilst operating, but each chrome job won't last for more than 5 minutes, so you won't roast.

    It has also been suggested to immerse the entire wire loom in a water tank, but i don't really think that is necessary.
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