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    I am new to plating and have a couple of questions before I jump in.

    - I need to chrome plate some small parts ( < 1 sq inch serface area ). I am wanting to nickle plate first to build up the surface about .005 and smooth out any scratches. Then chrome plate. The objects are steel.

    Can this be done with the plug-n'-plate product?

    I would like to dip plate to have a more even coverage. If dip plating in using plug-n'-plate do you have to use an anode. And if so what kind?



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    Re: new to plating

    nickle will not fill scratches, you will have to polish them out of the steel before plating or build with copper and polish out. You cannot plug-n-plate chrome at all. If you want a chrome look, use copy chrome and as with nickle you will have to get the scratches out first. More than likely, you can use the brush as an anode for dipping.


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      Re: new to plating

      Brush plating for small parts like you are working on is possible but very difficult to accomplish complete coverage. Remember the best finish you start with is the best finish you will end up with
      best of luck.
      Jim Eaton