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Anode size for 20" wheel? / cleaning anode

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  • Anode size for 20" wheel? / cleaning anode

    Hey guys I purchased the wheel copy chrome kit. In there it has 2 18"X18" Copy Chrome anodes. Will these work for a 20" wheels?

    Also I noticed the Copy Chrome anode is very pricey $200 plus, what is recommended to keeping it in good shape?


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    Re: Anode size for 20" wheel? / cleaning anode

    A 4"x8" anode will plate approx 32sq feet so I would have to say that yes you should have no problem with the 18x18 anodes remember that with the copy Chrome agitation is every thing get plenty of it the tank should look like it is boiling also I have found that if I use this formula works much better instead of 1 amp per 16sq inches try 1 amp per 32 sq inches and run the solution at about 95 to 110 degrees . For cleaning I simply rinse and soak in sp degreeser then rinse and dry
    Good Luck
    Jim Eaton