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Just how good is the Caswell system ?

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  • Just how good is the Caswell system ?

    Hi All,

    We were left a collection of vintage/veteran cars and motorcycles that had been neglected for many years & I am doing the restoration.

    Doing it all myself & learning as I go, partly because I cant afford the money to do otherwise & partly for emotional reasons (the vehicles have been in the family for many years)

    I would like to do the chrome myself as well.

    I realise that it will take practice and time to learn, but then I taught myself to spray paint so I could do my own paintwork.

    But before I make the investment (in time and money) buying the caswell kit, I need to know that it is capable of producing professional results. These are 'prize winning' cars, so there is no point doing the job myself if the results are going to be a 'bit off'. The finish needs to look as good as a profesional plating shop would produce and be as durable.

    Any comments welcome

    Many Thanks


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    Re: Just how good is the Caswell system ?

    i have been using Caswell products for a little over a year and have had great results from my own car to hundreds of show cars and bikes ect
    good luck let us know what kit your thinking about and wich one you go with then be sure to poast pics of you work before and after
    Jim Eaton


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      Re: Just how good is the Caswell system ?

      With the triple chrome kit you can get results that are better than the professional because you wont cut corners for your own personal parts. Since the chemistry is the same as the pros, the key to a professional look is all in the prep. Prep is what's it's all about and lot's and lot's of patience, it will take a while to get down.


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        Re: Just how good is the Caswell system ?

        I'm only doing nickel and copper but like it. My use is nickel plating everything that fits in a bucket off my 68 Vette so I don't have to repaint this stuff again. Some copper items to offset too much silver.

        The only advice I can give is if you don't have a supply of water to either buy the reverse osmosis set or something similar. I can get virtually an unlimited supply from work. The water gets dirty and needs changing.

        It is easy but the waiting will kill you. The waiting while it plates and the next one goes.


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          Re: Just how good is the Caswell system ?

          As said by everyone previously. Lots of practice. Lots of patience. Some will say its all in the prep work. If your chemistry is off no prep work will save it. There are no shortcuts.
          I suggest if you have all these plating projects that you work with a good professional. An honest pro can tell you how to do some prep work yourself. You can get everything for grinding and polishing from Caswell. Grind out as many pits as you dare. Try not to gouge or disfigure your parts. You may find that almost impossible when the metal is gone. Just do your best. After grinding out as many pits as you can, sandpaper your parts out to about a 400 grit finish and send it to the pro for plating.

          The plater will put a heavy copper plate on it and send it back to you for sanding,buffing or maybe soldering if neccesary. Sending out for copper may have to be done several times. When the metal is gone whether its pits or chunks it has to be rebuilt with copper and shaped by sanding,soldering and buffing. This is called electroforming.
          When you have done as much of this reforming as you can reasonably do,you will buff it out to a bright copper finish. And send it to the plater for final finishing. The final nickel chrome will look only as good as the finish you have done. The nickel chrome will not cover or hide any imperfctions.
          Go to and look at some of my work. I would be glad to work with you on some of this.


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            Re: Just how good is the Caswell system ?

            The best finish you start with is the best finish you will end up with !!
            This applies to any kind of coating
            Jim Eaton