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    I found a decent power supply that is cheap and simple. Its a computer power supply. They provide 3.3, 5 and 12 volts. If you don't have an old computer, electronic surplus places sell them for about $8 bucks. They also come in different amps for the voltages, fairly high.
    I started with a 6 volt battery but this is much simpler, no recharging and no voltage or amps flucuation, except that done by the solution or heating of the resistors.

    Also bought a $12 panel ammeter and a $7 cheap multimeter to use as a voltmeter( optional since you can't do much about it). Power resistors (2 ohm @ 25 watts although you don't need that high a wattage rating) and switches. The resistors are wired in clusters and the switches cut them in when more or less is needed, a cluster of 5 or 10 for higher needs. Easier than jumpers.

    With the PS, ammeter, switches and the resistor banks makes this much simpler to do (except for assembling it). I do have a 2nd resistor bank of light bulbs. Although one PS supplies several supplies in each of the voltages( several tanks) wanted 2 seperate systems- have 2 seperate PS and 2 resistor banks, resistors and bulbs.