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Buffing Copper flash

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  • Buffing Copper flash

    I keep having a problem buffing the copper flash to a nice shine?
    The product comes out with a very nice copper color after 15-20 minutes in Copper flash (not Copper acid). I begin to buff and it dulls up or buffs right off?

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Buffing Copper flash

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      Re: Buffing Copper flash

      You want to buff the part before the flash copper and then go to your acid copper. After you come out of the acid copper then you can buff to a finish like you want. THe flash copper is a prep for the acid copper, the acid copper will react with the base metel is why you need the flash copper. Just flash copper about 5 min. then try acid copper 15 to 20 min. depending on how much build up you want.


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        Re: Buffing Copper flash

        Try flash copper for an hour, litely sand with 400, rinse degrease ect. Then another hour of flash copper, sand, rinse...Then one more hour in flash copper then buff carefully. Flash copper goes on very thin. Buffing takes a lot of practice too.