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  • Is there a limit?

    I'm looking at the Electroless Khrome kits and wondering if it would be possible to buy multiple kits and combine the ingredients from all of them to get a greater plating capacity with a larger tank. Example, if I were to buy 10 of the "jumbo" size kits, which are rated at 5 gallons each, could I just combine them all and run a 50 gallon tank to plate larger items?
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    Re: Is there a limit?

    No need to do that...just call us and we can quote you for any size system you need.

    That said, a 50 Gal Electroless system is not recommended.

    The electroless solutions are very fragile. Commercial electroless platers have a full time staff of chemists available to monitor the bath, perform titrations, make additions etc.

    If you ever let the bath get below its minium efficiency, the entire bath will crash and you'll need to buy new. Using our nickel credit system provides a fairly accurate picture of your bath's condition, but all you have to do is made a math error, or underestimate the size of a part, and the whole bath will be gone.

    Not a huge problem if you have one of our smaller kits, but when you lose a 50 gallon bath, you'll be out a few grand, and probably be pretty upset.

    Since I don't like dealing with upset customers, I'd recommend a regular nickel electroplating system to anyone wanting to get into larger size systems.
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      Re: Is there a limit?

      So,what is the biggest, common sense wise, would you want to make an electroless set up? I mean, we are wanting to do a lot of motorcycle parts. And some of those parts might be as long as 3 feet and as wide as 32 inches, but we are talkin a set of handle bars here so, not a lot of square inches at one time. So, could you just make the size and the shape of the tanks different for different things? I mean, could you make a 15 gallon square or rectangle as it were to put a set of handle bars into. Im using the handle bars as an example just because they are a commonly chromed, plated, part and if they are ape hangers then they are a little awkwardly shaped, but dont have a lot of square inches, ya know? Oh and I understand you dont have to hang the parts in the solution, you can just lay them. Is this true? Thanks!


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        Re: Is there a limit?

        I would recomend the larger copy chrome i do cycle and auto parts with this system it works great !!!
        Jim Eaton