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electroless nickel on motorcycle cycl. barrels

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  • electroless nickel on motorcycle cycl. barrels

    Electroless is flexible and does not build up on edges. Correct? As opposed to electro-nickel.

    What sort of thickness is required/recommended? 25-30 ? Would that represent approx an hour dip?

    What size kit would I require for two barrels?

    If the barrels are sealed up. any good tips for sinking them?
    Or should I just pug bolt holes -nickel first and then bore them out to my spec.

    Is thicker better? OR how would achive the best results for something that is to be ridden.

    How do repair age cracks (expansion/contraction) or nicks (stone chips) properly.


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    Electroless On Motorcycle Cylinders

    Electroless Nickel's main advantage over regular nickel is that it plates a completely even layer.

    With regular electroplating, where areas of the part are closer to the anode, those areas tend to build up a slighty thicker layer of metal. Not so with electroless.

    25 microns (1/1000") for that application would be fine. Yes, that's approx 1 hour plating time.

    What are the dimensions of the barrels?

    What are they made of?
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      40 IND SScout. Iron. 9L x 7W x 6"H flat head (plus bolts and plexi glass caps) So I guess they (one at a time) would fit into a large kitchen pot purchased from the salvation army. Hot plate also.

      I think some guys have been shorted on thickness from local commercial operations. They hate the potential of getting the nickel vat contaminated with old junk.

      Reports of slight cracking and rust in inner fin depths after 5 yrs. From friend who had a commercial electroless job done. Should this be expected? The bikes only do approx. 500-1000miles a yr.


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        Sounds like a 4L Electroless Kit would do the job.

        The good thing about doing it yourself is you control all aspects of the job, such as thickness of the plate.

        A thicker plate would definitely improve corrosion resistance and strength. 5 years under light wear shouldn't be a problem for a good layer.
        Mike Caswell
        Caswell Inc
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          Good stuff- thanks for your help.

          Signing off--------