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Plating putter heads

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  • Plating putter heads

    I want to plate some putter heads with a black shiny finish (black nickel?) I am also a COMPLETE novice to plating, so forgive my newbie questions.

    From what I be able to research on the Web, plating nickel to die case zinc is a pain compared to plating to brass or steel. True? I would like to use the simplest electroless process if possible.

    Next question: If I hand-stamp a piece, should I do it before plating or after?

    Also a quick question about paint. If a piece is nickel plated, can parts of the piece be painted. I'm speaking about the sight dots and lines on a putter.


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    We don't sell/know about black nickel, but we can advice for regular nickel. The process is likely similar.

    You'll want to strike the die-cast first with either Flash Copper or Pot Metal Primer (Electroless)

    After priming, plate with the regular electroless nickel kit

    Hand stamp before plating to avoid fracturing the plate.

    Sure - you can paint over it.
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