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  • silvachrome help

    Im having problems with the silvachrome kit I just received.
    1) Im not getting the silver to deposit on my parts, and when it did it was either gold or brown. I tried turning down the reducer but it didnt help.
    2) Should I use distilled water for all the chemicals or deionized water, the water I bought is grocery store distilled water (not the distilled drinking water). Is that water any good?
    3) My shop temp was around 65 today, would I get better results with warmer temps. I know the directions say 70 is good.
    4) Is the top coat already reduced or do I need to reduce it with thinner. The instructions dont say. it just says it can be reduced, and there is no reduction ratio given. I know lacqure is reduced 1: 1 and a half.
    I can tell it wants to work, I know Im just doing something wrong. Well Im going to go out and try it again. Thanks for any help you may have.

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