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  • mcaswell

    Start by plating some scrap pieces.
    Realize that surface preparation is the key to getting a good finish, so perfect your polishing techniques.
    Keep good notes and record everything you do. Be a scientist

    We have a 16 Gallon set-up that might be better suited to your needs. Give us a call before you order.

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  • DBryant
    started a topic H.D. Parts and hello!

    H.D. Parts and hello!

    I am new here and want to just compliment you on your site and ask a question while I'm at it.
    I am getting ready to buy some of your products for Powder coating and plating to start a small business.
    I downloaded the Complete Plating Manual last night and have been reading through it today.
    I'm really curious about two particular Harley parts.Swing arms(softail) and outer primary covers.I have read enough to realize these would take a considerable amount of power but I am curious about tank size.Has anyone here been able to plate these?And was it worth it?I plan on going with a four gallon kit triple chrome kit,Anodizing set up,Plug and Plate,and a rectifier.I won't go into the powder coating here in this topic.
    Any advice? I know I'm jumping head first but I really believe I can get good at this and have a good customer base.