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Nickel Brightener?

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  • Nickel Brightener?

    I have been plating about 100 sqaure inches per day in my 3 gallon nickel bath. Which is an allday process. I am plating tiny 3-4 sqaure inch round drum lugs. And I put about 18 of them in at a time with my 3 amp rectifier for about 30 minutes per batch. It seems I have to add atleast one bottle of brightener per day if not 2. If I don't use the brightener the parts become dullish and not as shiny. Am I using too much brightener? How long is the brightener supposed to last? And how does the brightener deplete from the bath, I would assume everytime you plate, but does it evaporate?

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    Re: Nickel Brightener?

    yes the brightners are used up during plating at ther same time this sounds like alot of brightner you are having to add . so here is a question is your plating bath staying a proper temp during all this plating
    Jim Eaton