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Nickel plate over Silver Plate?

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  • Nickel plate over Silver Plate?

    I have a silverplated alto saxophone neck that I'd like to convert to nickel plate to match the rest of the instrument (ebay! Don't ask!). Can this just be polished and plated over, or does the silver need to be removed abrasively or electrochemically first? I already have a nickel plug-n-plate kit. Thanks!


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    Re: Nickel plate over Silver Plate?

    I have never plated over silver plate but i have plated over silver .
    So i would have to say that yes you can plate nickel over the silver plate sa long as the plate is in good condition . Just remember the best finish you start with is the best finish you will end up with
    Jim Eaton


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      Re: Nickel plate over Silver Plate?

      You should also be aware that many people have skin allergies to nickel, so plating something that will be in contact with skin, such as jewelry or musical instruments with nickel may not be the best choice.
      Mike Caswell
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