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Before Asking For Plating Help, Please Read This

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  • Before Asking For Plating Help, Please Read This

    In order to help you better, please be as precise as possible when posting for help here. You ARE keeping notes of your parameters as you plate, right??

    Here are some common parameters we will need to know:

    1. Base metal of your part
    2. Surface area of your part
    3. Which plating kit you are using
    4. Amperage used
    5. Voltage used
    6. Temperature of your plating bath
    7. Duration of plating
    8. What you are using as a power supply (ie. car battery, charger, rectifier) and the supply's specifications.
    9. What your surface prep was (and remember...90% of all failed jobs can be traced back to bad prep)
    10. What exactly went wrong.

    If you're not sure of something above, such as your surface area, make sure to let us know that.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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