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batteries needed for rheostat?

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  • batteries needed for rheostat?

    I dont know if my other question got through so I'll ask again.The rheostat sounds like a easy idea, just one question.say I have a 300 amp 12v charger and I use the salt water rheostat, do I couple that together with a deep cycle battery and also I'm plating chrome at 200 sq. inchs so I need 200 amps approx. Do I need to use 1 battery or 2 deep cycle batteries wired in parellel and what amp batteries should they be.Thansk Neil.

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    Yes, couple the battery and charger together. The battery delivers a clean DC current (good for plating) and the charger keeps it charged.

    Here are some excellent web sites that will answer your question.

    Battery FAQ

    Battery FAQ

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