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plug-n plate kits or electroless kits

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  • plug-n plate kits or electroless kits

    i had one of my old race frames restored last was show chromed.when i got it back ups damaged the rear during make a longer story short. i had a new dropout welded in place. i am looking for a lot of advice if anyone can help.

    is there any possible way i can polish the steal then use
    a plug-n plate copper,nickel and chrome kit on this big of an area?

    or could i use a pint of flash copper for a strike coat then use electroless nickel and electroless chrome?

    i realise that by the time i purchase these items i can just as easily have a professional plater re do it but i have no one locally i can trust for a good job and sending it back will mean taking a chance of more damage.

    just want to know if i can mask off the area really good that i don't need plated and fade the chrome in somehow.basically it just needs to be plated on both sides just up to the weld. the rest just needs to be buffed.the welder did a good job keeping the rest of the frame spotless.

    thanks for your time.josh

    image of damage available at this site

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    What are the dimensions of this part?

    You could use Plug N'll be tedious, but it'll work. Nickel plate first, then copper, then Copy Chrome.

    Using electroless for this will probably be cumbersome unless you can ingeniously rig up a way to hang the section into the boiling solution.

    It would be easier to use the regular plating solutions. A Triple Chrome Kit would be your best option.

    You can mask off using a lacquer. We also sell a product called Mask-It. Mask off the existing chrome and hang the part into the plating solution.
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