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OK just a few more questions.

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  • OK just a few more questions.

    Has anyone tried to use the new Mr Clean car wash system (filter only) for water that you can use in your tanks? It is supposed to take out all the minerals in the water. any thoughts?

    Since a amp is an amp, Heres what I did. I needed a small amount of current about .25 of an amp for a part. I took the nichrome wire (28 feet) and wound it around a wooden dowel about 4 feet long and attached it to my heat board. At the very end I get a very small amout of amps and at the end where I attached it to the buss bar I get ten amps. I can attach to any point along the doweled wire to get just how many amps I need. Is there a down side to this method? Even at ten amps it is not hot enough to burn the wood.

    How far away from your part should the anodes be placed? From the book it is kind of vague.

    A raw piece of steel to be plated with fhash copper was giving me problems about not passing the water test, So from earlier experience working in a machine shop I had a brain storm. I took my propane torch and went over all sides of the part and then drenched in cold distilled water and and tried the water break test again and it passed. went on to copper flash plate and worked good. Any down side to this method?

    thanks for any imput.

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    Re: OK just a few more questions.

    What thickness Nichrome wire were you using?

    You could do the same idea using a strip of cement board and wrapping the wire around that.

    There are some tables around showing the resistance qualities of different thicknesses of nichrome wire.

    The blowtorch idea is a good one. Many years ago, when I was relining industrial pumps with epoxy (especially sewage pumps) we would go over the sandblasted surface with a torch, this would sweat out the oils from the surface, then carbonize them. It increased the bond of the epoxy.

    As for Mr Clean stuff, no idea, sorry.
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      Re: OK just a few more questions.

      the wire is the 18 ga. I already have the nichrome board setup with 600 amp capacity. thanks for the info.