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Removing copper plating from antique musket

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  • Removing copper plating from antique musket

    I acquired an antique musket that had been blued. Attempting to restore to original bright steel finish, I discovered that all metal parts are copper plated. Is there a proper way of removing the copper plating without heavy polishing?
    Some of the copper scrubbed off with bluing remover but the barrel retains the look of a copper pipe. Thanks for any info.

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    Re: Removing copper plating from antique musket

    Pickle 2 also rust remover and de- plater
    to make
    2 parts fresh water 1 part muriatic acid
    WARNING ! Never pour water into Acid always pour acid into water !!
    to remove Chrome hook you positive lead to you part and your negative lead to the stainless
    adjust your power to 1 amp per sq inch de-plating should be complete in approx 15 to 20 minn
    DO NOT use this method on Pot metals or aluminum !!!!
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      Re: Removing copper plating from antique musket

      It sounds to me like the gun was copper plated and then nickel plated previously. If you want to restore it, how about re plating the copper, polishing it and then plating with nickel. Would look great.

      I'm not sure that stripping method will work well here. Won't the exposed steel get eaten away by the pickle #2? I think it would 'deplate' faster than the copper that's left since iron is more reactive than copper in muriatic acid.