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Electroless Nickel in industry applications

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  • Electroless Nickel in industry applications

    I?m interested in plating a weight-bearing surface (gibs, ways and dovetails) of a milling machine and a lathe, as well as the leadscrew for a milling machine. I?m interested in electroloss because it will plate the parts uniformly, my concerns are if plating will hold up to friction and not get scraped off in large chunks.

    As far as nickel is concerned, I would think the Boron Nickel kit is best suited for this application. But I?m not 100% sure, so anyone?s insight on this would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Electroless Nickel in industry applications

    My biggest concern is if it just scrapes off and causes the bearing surface or the screw to bind. I've seen hard chrome used in such an application with out problems, so it would be nice to see if Boron EN can do as well of a job, or better.