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  • Chrome Plating, Need Help

    This is my second try on this part I want to chrome plate. It is a car heater fan motor. First I put it in the Flash copper tank, all went well. Next I put it into the Acid copper tank, all went well, Here is where I stoped to take a photo to show you. I think I need to polish at this point, right.
    Then I can put it in the Nickel tank and Polish again?
    One more question, When I put it in the chrome tank does anyone have any ideas on how to put the anodes to get it to chrome everywhere, this was my mistake last time as it did not chrome on the housing but it did chrome on the top of motor housing,, hmmmm.
    P.S. the second pic I used the camera flash
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    Re: Chrome Plating, Need Help

    Yes polish it after the acid copper and then nickle plate but you shouldn't have to polish unless you see a spot that needs polishing. The part should be ready after the nickle and then straight to the chrome.
    THe chrome is the tricky part, make sure the temp is good (115-120) and the hanger is covered up everwhere but where the part is hanging so that all the current is going to the part, MAKE SURE THE HANGER IS CONNECTED GOOD, use a bolt to tighten the hanger to the part. Just use electrical tape or a insulated wire and strip a small piece so that the part can make a good connection. Hang the anode about 2 to 3 inches from the part. This is what I like to do when you have the part hanging a ready for the current, look at your gauge and for the first five seconds go about 30 amps more than what it calls for and then back it back down to the correct amps, for 60 seconds. It just takes practice to find the right spot on the amps, I look at the volts and don't worry about the amps, I start out about 7 volts and then back to 5 volts for 60 sec. on that piece.
    Why are you starting over again if you had the piece in the chrome one time before?
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      Re: Chrome Plating, Need Help

      I started over because it wouldnt chrome all over, it just chromed on the tip of the motor housing and a little on the bottom flat housing. I tryed different amps and was up to 35 amps when I quit, the chrome that did lay was starting to get milky and streeked. Im quite confused.


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        Re: Chrome Plating, Need Help

        You can strip the chrome and leave the nickle on the part and try chrome plating again. You don't have to start all over again, just strip the chrome off and try it again.

        The milky look was what we call burning the chrome, too many amps. If you have the caswell plating manual it will tell how to make a strip bath for your chrome, I have a different make up and it works different from the caswell manual. The manual will help some but the best way is to ask questions and just make mistakes untill you get it. My manual is at home and I don't have a computer at home either, and I am going to be off until friday so good luck on the chrome plating. If you have a question I will have my phone with me and you can call if you like just give me a try at (601)549-6914 just make sure you call after 2pm today cause I will be sleeping until then and I will get shifted back on days after that, I work swing shift at my full time job. I will be plating wed. and thur. so feel free to give me a try.