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Plating preparation black Caterpillar bolts

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  • Plating preparation black Caterpillar bolts

    Dear All,

    For my bike i want to replace the corroded nuts and bolts with good quality Caterpillar bolts and nuts. (have lots of them available and i like the 12 point ones a lot))
    I got a lot brand new but they have black oxide treatment and i want to cadmium plate them or chrome plate them. (no decision yet)
    The question is: How do i prepare black bolts for plating, i got most of the chemicals but like to have advise on what is required to get the black off and get a clean steel surface for further preparation for plating.

    Also how do i remove CAD plating in preparation for chrome or nickel plating.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


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    Re: Plating preparation black Caterpillar bolts

    using any typ of compound black oxide will simply polish off
    Jim Eaton