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Help repairing alum wheels.

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  • Help repairing alum wheels.

    Hi I have a few newbie questions. I have a set of aluminum wheels I would like to repair. (well two wheels). They are aluminium but the lip looks to be chromed (light steel wool wouldn't scratch it) This lip is ony 2 inch wide and goes around a 18" wheel. The chromed part has a brush mark about 1/2" wide by 10" long. (rub rash) I tried to polish it out but you can see the dif. between the bare alum and chromed part. Could this be plated with a plug & plate technique. How would it be done over aluminum. There are a few deep scratches I thouht I could fill with your solder kit and sand flat. I don't want to plate the whole wheel.



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    If it is chrome, then you should be able to repair the area with a Copy Chrome Plug N Plate Kit, assuming it's not down to bare aluminum.

    Under the chrome plate is a nickel plate. The copy chrome will apply over the nickel.
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