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Black Chromate for Zinc

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  • Black Chromate for Zinc

    We have a new black chromate finish for zinc plated items. It is a two part mixture of 8 ounces of A&B with distilled water which makes a gallon. It produces a harder, more uniform black finish with better adhesion. It is fast acting and gives a glossy black finish with good corrosion protection. The kit is $29.99 Operation: 1. zinc plate 2. rinse with distilled water 3. activate with 1% sulfuric acid solution 4. Rinse with distilled water 5. Immerse in A865 15-45 seconds 6. Rinse with distilled water 7. dry at 150 degrees F
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    Re: Black Chromate for Zinc


    I see it's listed as a "new" product on the plating page, but the link still takes you to the old A360 blackener page.

    I'll be ordering some.

    Seans Zinc Plating page