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  • Power supply info wanted

    I have been looking at a 8v. 150 amp plating rectifier I will be using it for a 4.5gal. chrome plate line what I would like to know is I have looked at a lot of the bench power supply's which are half the physical size of plating rectifier units are these bench power supply's geared for short time use ? Which unit would be better for long term plating? My choice's are a lambda 13v 200 amp 220 input for $500.00 or a HBS SS1508 AFC 150A 8V Metal Plating DC Power Supply for $300.00.

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    Re: Power supply info wanted

    My choice would be the 200 amp....I have a 300 amp for my 60 gal set up...but Im not sure about the difference in a bench power supply than the other.