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Plating my Engine, Help!

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  • Plating my Engine, Help!

    Ok, I am looking into chrome plating majority of my engine. I just want it to look nice, either professionaly or unprofessionaly. I'm assuming most of my engine is of an Steel base, but I will check into it a lot before purchasing. I want this done for the cheapest way possible, so bootleging is an option .

    Here are my ?'s. Please help:

    1. Can I use one of those cheaper kits such as the Copy Chrome, Plug and Plate kit. It seems like a pain the the ass, but it looks relitivly cheap and will get the job done. If I use this how many of those damn 8oz refils will I go through?? I'm talking about a v6 3000GT\Stealth engine, so it is of considerable size.

    2. Must each part be taken off and plated? or can I just start wanding the engine(if I go with that cheap kit), or start dipping a few parts at once(if I use a more professional kit).

    3. Do I have to strip all paint fully sand and buff the metal BEFORE applying chrome. Chrome Plating works on an electricially conductive system so I'm assuming the chrome will conduct the metal through some thin layers of paint as long as I clean it nicely.

    4. I heard the chrome dosen't like high tempatures, what to do about the manifolds??

    5. If you guys tell me to use a 3 plating system, can I just do that using the cheap kit combined with a bunch of bunch of 8 oz refils for each metal??

    Remember, bootleging dosen't matter. Just what gets the job done. Please help.

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    Re: Plating my Engine, Help!

    1.)Plug and Plat would be a no you just wont get the kind of coverage you need for this job.
    2.)The motor will have to be taken part to prep each piece to be plated .
    3.) The paint must be striped you must sand and polish until the pieces are nice
    the best finish you start with is the best finish you will end up with .
    4.)For the high temps of the manifolds there are coatings that can be applied to the inside
    to help protect against heat also a good heavy coat of copper on the outside befor the chrome is applied will help protect against the heat .
    5.) You must dip these parts to get the finish you want !!!!!
    Good Luck
    Jim Eaton


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      Re: Plating my Engine, Help!

      Very well put Jim, most people don't know what it takes to plate parts, I guess thats why we are far and few. YOu think most platers are I going to be bald in a few yrs..... </IMG></IMG>


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        Re: Plating my Engine, Help!


        If you want a chrome look for your engine you can always polish it. I saw a picture of one polished don't remember if it was on this forum or not, but it looked nice!



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          Re: Plating my Engine, Help!

          You would probably be better off just going to a local plating shop.
          Most would charge a reasonable lot charge and you would mostlikely get your parts with a consistant thickness and color.Also the cleaner the part is the better.Good luck! ScottS