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Question about 20 gallon zinc kit.

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  • Question about 20 gallon zinc kit.

    I am looking at buying the 15 gallon copy cad/zinc and I have a few question.

    I have been using a tiny kit from another dealer but am interested in upgrading to caswell's 20 gallon setup.

    1. The kit comes with 3X300 watt heaters. Are people using all three in the zinc tank? How long does it take to bring the bath up to operating temp? In my 20 gal wash tank the 3500 element heats at about 10 degrees every 5 minutes.

    2. The thermostat looks like it is placed inline with the heaters. How many watts can it handle?

    3. I did not see any information on when to add more copy cad solution to the bath. Does the bath require additional solution? If so, how should I test for a weak bath?

    4. Does the brightener have a amp-hour life? Should I add a certain number of ounces per amp-hour of use?

    5. The kit comes with zinc crystals but I don't see zinc crystals in the bulk supplies listing. Is the solution just pre mixed crystals?

    6. Does the kit come with a thermostat? I see on listed for the other kits but not for this one.

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