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Electroless Nickle -problem

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  • Electroless Nickle -problem

    2 years ago I purchased the electroless nickle kit and used it very succesfully. Today I topped up the mix and put in the parts that I spent 2 days sanding and polishing. I hour later they came out, crappy looking. Some areas are unplated, some have a dull grey area. I am guessing the bath has gone bad from sitting. No problem, I will mix up a fresh batch. Question is, do I need to go back to the buffing wheel and make them beautiful again before I replate them? What a pain.

    Second question. Is there something besides string that I can use to hang the parts from? String is a pain.What about stainless steel wire? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Electroless Nickle -problem

    Thanks for your help.