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Copy Cad/Zinc Plating Issues

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  • Copy Cad/Zinc Plating Issues

    Hello this is my first post here and I'm looking for some advice on what I am doing incorrect.

    I got my kit in the other day and I finally got around to setting everything up last night. I set everything up according to the manual, the only difference was that I used deionized water instead of distilled water, which should be fine correct?

    I tried to zinc plate some bolts (about 8-10 bead blasted prior to being plated) attached to a wire, and I had about 1/2 amp current for an hour which gave off light bubbles (what the manual suggested). I also previously degreased the parts according to the instructions as well.

    Now the bolts that I plated, when they came out of the plating solution they were silver/zinc looking. I then rinsed them off with deionzied water and then hung them to dry. When they dried they had a white haze to them, any idea why?

    I also did a small cast iron part as well; it had a pretty decent surface area so I bumped up the amperage to ? amp. I zinc plated it for an hour and I then rinsed it off, left it to dry and when I got back it was rusty. What happened?

    Does the zinc plating bath temperature play a huge role in zinc plating quality as well? Is this due to me using deionzied water? Too much current?


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    Re: Copy Cad/Zinc Plating Issues

    First off let me welcome you to the Forum
    Temp plays a big part in all plating as well as agitation .
    The rust you are talking about could be just not complete coverage or that you don’t mention using any typ of protectent after plating these things all play a large part of the plating process
    also and I cant say this enough but preparation is everything.
    Hang in there
    Jim Eaton