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Q: Polishing and Regulations

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  • Q: Polishing and Regulations

    I'm thinking of adding plating to my services (currently just polishing) since I'm learning that there are some aluminum parts that don't polish to "perfection" despite using proper techniques. A few questions for now:

    1. I understand that the base metal needs to be fully polished, then pickled prior to plating. Sometimes I get a haze on aluminum that I can't get rid of, even tho the surface is fully mirrored otherwise. Will this show up after plating?

    2. I read in an old post that 220 pounds or less of plating solution is considered hobby use. I would only be doing say one intake manifold or a couple of morocycle engine covers per week at the most, but doing it for the public. Would I be subject to any bothersome regulations?

    3. Once the solutions are made up, do they have a shelf life? Say I do some plating then don't use the tanks for another month. Problem?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Re: Q: Polishing and Regulations

    1. No the plating will cover the haze up.
    2. As long as you do it by the book you will be ok, but it depends on the situation. The EPA is a good association, you just have to figure out how you want to set your shop up...
    3. No the solutions will be good as long as you keep them at the proper ratio, and you will need to keep up the chemical ratio after periods of use. When the baths get heated to operating temp. the water will evaporate and you have to add back what has evaporated. THats why when you build the bath for the first time you need to mark the level so you know how much water to add back...


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      Re: Q: Polishing and Regulations

      OK, thanx fly.


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        Re: Q: Polishing and Regulations

        any time man........


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          Re: Q: Polishing and Regulations

          About the regulations, the best thing is to ask your chemical supplier about the disposable requirement for their products. Then follow up with a call to your local waste transfer station. They can provide info about local restrictions.

          Most of the chemical I am using only need to be PH balanced before being dumped in the city sewer system. I my area, WI, it is prohibitive to dump chemical waste into either the storm sewer or into a septic tank.

          With the chemicals that need more treatment then PH balancing, I evaporate the waste water. My evaporators are simply 55 gallon drums cut in half and placed under the back porch. I have add lattice walls and a locking gate to prevent animals and kids from getting under the porch.

          I turn the sludge over to the hazmat guy a the transfer station. If you grow larger give you local SBA a call. In order to promote small business growth as well as good envirermental paraticies, my SBA offered to connect me with other larger companies the have hazardous waste to dispose so we can work together.



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            Re: Q: Polishing and Regulations

            Originally posted by dfarning
            About the regulations...
            OK thanks, I'd forgotten about the SBA...I'll have a number of avenues to check now.