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  • white haze

    i am getting a slightly rough white haze on my nickel plate. it is scattered randomly on the piece. the piece was a polished zincated aluminum part. the manuel suggests it might be excess hydrogen peroxyed in my solution. if this is the case:
    1. how does it get in there? do i remove it?

    my solutions are new. there is also some small foreign matter in it . im going to try to filter my solution in hopes of clearing it out of there. what is the best way to filter without haveing to replace any chemicals?

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    Re: white haze

    Can you give me the exact steps that you took on the part after you did the water test after cleaning.
    You can get by without filtering the solution, I don't filter mine and it does good, but filtering is better for the bath..
    Make sure you have the correct temp. (140degree) agitation, and correct amps. I will be able to help more with more information.


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      Re: white haze

      here are my steps:
      30 sec in pickle #3
      zincate for about 1 min
      then nickel plate
      you wrote 140 for the temp but the manuel says 110 F.
      its an odd shaped part but i guess the current could be wrong. i tryed my best to get it as close to exact as i could. here are some pics. hopefully it will help you determine the problem.


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        Re: white haze

        It looks like you need to go up on your amps, try .1 per square inch for about 15 min. and then see.
        Take the part and polish it with white compound and flannel cotton wheel and try it again..
        You realy would be better off using the flash copper and then go to the nickel...
        If the niokle is thick enough then you can go ahead and chrome plate the part after you polish it, but if you do that then you need to go with blue compound and flannel cotton after the white/flannel cotton.
        Sorry about the temp difference I use a different company and they said run the temp at 140, maybe you should try that.....


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          Re: white haze

          anybody else have an opinion?


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            Re: white haze

            It appears to may have some old anodizing on it. That is assuming it had any on it in the first place. You may want to gas it in some hot caustic soda for a few minutes and then a nitric acid dip followed by a thorough water rince.
            Then polish it all over and replate.


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              Re: white haze

              I think the problem lies with the Zincate procedure. Personally I would have gone with flash copper cause it's so easy to sand off if you've got it wrong. I also think a 1 minute dip in Zincate seems like an awful lot. I fight aluminum all the time and zincating properly is the key.