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Newbie - couple of questions

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  • Newbie - couple of questions

    I have never plated befre and am interested in chroming engine parts, brackets etc

    As a basic starter whatis the difference between the two copy chrome kits - these sound like the easiestto start with but one requires power to function.
    What setup is best to start?
    How many items can I do?
    I am also interested in alloy plating.
    How long wil the coat last?

    Sorry just some basic stuff I guess.
    Small budget - looking for basic kit


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    One is electroless (Electroless Krome&trade, no electricity required. This is great, because it's simple to use, but it's more expensive to operate. It is also limited to smaller parts, because you must boil the solution in a heat resistant, not metallic container.

    The Copy Chrome™ kit is cheaper to operate, is more flexible because you can plate in any size plastic container, but requires a power source.

    Both of these kits provide a virtually permanent coating in a decorative environment.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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