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    I liveaboard my sailboat and my tools, and fixtures on the boat, are incredibly sensitive to corrosion. While I could keep perpetually regreasing and sanding my tools, I more concerned with having tools which are available when I need them. Even stainless steel has severe limits if not allowed to breath (such as a stainless steel handrail embedded into the transom, so it rusts at the point of the fiberglass). I've got a couple questions:

    1. What would be best for protecting my tools (drillbits, pliers, etc)? Would a chrome kit help and be a durable surface?(Assume I have no knowledge of this process)Trust me, I've tried every protectant out there and still find them rusted shut.

    2. Regarding some light fixtures, would it be possibly to plate them in gold or silver without removing them? Would such a finish be durable?
    Even the lacquered brass surfaces corrode after a few months in the salt air.

    Thank you!

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    Not sure about the corrosion you would get being on a sailboat all the time,but have you tried to powder coat your tools?When I worked on a commercial site I had all my wrenches,pliers,hammers powder coated in a bright red.It held up extremely well,except the hammer face its self(watch the first couple of hits as the coating really flies off.)Plus the bright color made it easy to see my tools when I dropped them. Hope this helps you.


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      I don't think a plated surface for your tools is the best approach. The plate will likely crack when subjected to the pressure of using the tools.

      Yes, you could plate the light fixtures without removing them. They must be a compatible base metal and must be free of dirt, grease etc. and highly polished prior to plating. Use Plug N' Plate™ See

      I can't say how durable a gold or silver plate would be under those conditions. Both are very thin and not renowned for long lasting properties in any conditions where wear might be encountered.
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