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Cloudy Copy Cad solution ??

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  • Cloudy Copy Cad solution ??

    A couple years ago I got a Copy Cad kit. After a bit of fiddling I was able to get good results. Then I didn't use it for a few months. When I opened the tank/bucket I found that the bottom 1/2" of solution was cloudy. I siphoned off the cloudy stuff into another container and plated some more parts without any problems... That was last summer and I haven't had a chance to use it since then. Today I was thinking about plating some more stuff so I opened the tank/bucket and found that the solution in the bottom half of the tank was cloudy. I tried stirring the solution (cold) but all that did was make the whole tank cloudy....

    Whenever I am not using it, I remove everything from the bucket/tank and I close & seal the top. The tanks are stored in basement where the temprature is always between 50 and 65 degrees.

    Since the solution was clear when the tank was last closed up I figure the cloudiness must be the chemicals condensing out of the solution... Right?

    If that is the case, will they go back into suspension (will the solution clear back up) if I heat and stir the solution??

    And how hot do I need to heat the solution??