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Best Way To Prep & Plate Nuts & Bolts

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    Re: Best Way To Prep & Plate Nuts & Bolts

    Wow! Very ingenuis. Thanks for the posts and links.


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      Re: Best Way To Prep & Plate Nuts & Bolts

      Depends your volume:
      Using wire for plating can be a disadvantage because plating thickness will vary. It may look like its plated but could have a flash.
      Look up "barrel plating"

      What is the best(fastest with good results) way to prep a lot(50+) of nuts and bolts for plating?

      Also, what is the best way to plate them?

      This is for CopyCad.


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        Re: Best Way To Prep & Plate Nuts & Bolts

        Had to Edit this post due to Brain Freeze
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          Re: Best Way To Prep & Plate Nuts & Bolts

          sorry for the bump but this was a good read.


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            Re: Best Way To Prep & Plate Nuts & Bolts

            I've done a lot of old motorcycles using copy cad system. One of the best ways I've found to strip and clean nuts and bolts using a glass bead blaster is to get a plastic bottle like a vitamin bottle 2 to 3" diameter. drill a hole in the lid to make a tight fit for your nozzle. Drill a whole bunch of 1/8 holes in the bottom of the bottle, the more the better. Put about 10 nuts, washers and or bolts in the bottle and put on lid. Put nozzle in lid and start spraying. While you are spraying you must shake the bottle to keep the parts moving around inside. It will clean a bunch of parts quickly. Glass finish will give you that vintage plated look. By wire wheeling or polishing the metal, the brighter the finish will be. Make sure you have already removed ALL grease and oil from parts before blasting. I've seen so many people restore motorcycles and paint the fasteners silver which looks cheap. These systems make you proud of what you have built and much more professional.