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  • BEst kit for my use

    2 guys and myself want to start chrome plating of Motorcycle parts and car parts. Which would be our best kit to buy and use for the most durable completed surface as many of these parts my be exposed to engine heat. Can you tell me the size kit we would need for doing things like Motorcycle rims handlebars and engine side covers etc, flexible as far as size of material we can chrome.
    The biggest parts we would want to chrome is motorcycle rims. Please recommend the starting kit you think we should use. or if you can quote us a kit that is designed for the purpose i am reffering to that would be great also.

    Also is this type of chrome im asking about considered Hard chrome or not. I dont know the difference between Hard chrome and the other.

    Sry, 1 more thing. What is the average time it takes once people have recieved there kits to be chroming and looking at the results?

    Thanks for all your time and help with this matter.

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    Please call us at 315 331 5141 to discuss your needs and a custom quote.
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