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Copper-fired finish, How to

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  • Copper-fired finish, How to

    Hi There,

    I dropped off some faucets at a local plater to refinish them in a "copper-fired" finish. I gave them a sample of a drain/strainer I bought, but they are struggling with how to match it. They are on their third try, bless their hearts. A picture of the drain can be found here:

    It's definitely NOT an "antique copper" finish. I've seen a similar finish to this "fired-copper" finish on other pieces (sinks, objects d'art) that was called "aged" or "weathered" copper. Do any of you fellas/gals know how to accomplish this fired-copper look?

    Much thanks in advance,

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    Re: Copper-fired finish, How to

    It looks to me that after the piece comes out of the acid copper just dry off and let set for a day or two.


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      Re: Copper-fired finish, How to

      As fly said, this is what copper normally looks like when it comes out of the plating solution. Normally polishing is done to brighten the finish and get a shine but it looks like your "copper-fired finish" is nothing more than normal copper plating with little to no post processing.