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    I would like to inexspensivly copy chrome small pieces such as trim and emblems etc. I was planning on using the zincate to treat aluminum, then using the plug n plate nickel followed by the plug n plate copy chrome. Would this be a good method without spending a lot of money? Also, whats the biggest area the plug n plate can be used on effectivly?

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    Plug N' Plate won't work really well on a zincated surface. The part really needs to be immersion plated after zincating. Unless the parts are very, very small (small enough to fit in 4oz of solution) you should invest in a full size Copy Chrome system.

    There's no need to nickel plate prior to Copy Chroming.
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      Well, what dimension bucket is the 4 gallon copy chrome system? I need something that will fit fuel rails, throttle bodies, and other small parts like that. I want to get a full copy chrome system large enough for valve covers but the price may be too high. I was told by you that the website would be updated with a wider selection of kits a few weeks ago, any idea when you plan on implementing this?