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Replinishing Ni Bath

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  • Replinishing Ni Bath

    In \"The Complete Plating Manual\" on pg 67, shows a table for replinishing.
    I\'m wanting to know if my calculations are correct.
    It appears that Part C is added as 2 volumes of Part A.
    Let me use an example. I have depleted my 1L bath by 640 credits so I have 260 credits left. So I did a simple algebra problem like
    A * 2A = 640 Nickel Credits should get me back to 900. Solving for A I get
    A*A = 640/2 or A=square root of 320 which is
    So 17.8 ml of Part A plus 35.8 ml of Part C should get me back to 900. If this is correct then I have my simple formula for replenishment.
    Also you don\'t mention replinshing the water. I gather that after replinshing the chemicals I can just add the water fill back to 1 liter?

    By the way. Love the product! does a very nice job and it is easy to do.

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    Re: Replinishing Ni Bath


    Glad to hear you like the products.

    We\'ve set up a support system at <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a> to answer these sorts of questions for you. Would you mind posting your question in our PRS system, please?

    Posting problems on our PRS system allows us to properly track problems throughout their lifecycle, and will assist other customers with similar questions.

    We hope you understand.


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