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Plating screws?

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  • Plating screws?

    What could I use to hold screws for tank plating? Thought about drilling and tapping some bar stock to screw many into at once. Of course I don't want to gold plate the bar, waist of solution!

    I did a couple screws one at a time. They plated nicely all around the sides, but the top didn't plate as well. These are computer case screws, hex head phillips. Don't know what they are, look like chrome, but the sides and bottom (near threads) did plate well when I tested them. Only the reccesed area around the where the driver goes was very thin.

    I might want to do about 100 at a time to sell.

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    You could get a thin sheet of metal and mask it with lacquer (so the metal doesn't plate), then screw the screws into this. Make sure you have conductivity somewhere in the plate though, or the screws won't plate.

    Sounds like you need to re-position the anodes in your tank to solve your thin plating problem. Read the section in the manual on Lines Of Force.
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      I don't have a manual

      That was about the only thing I was a little disapointed in with the complete plug n plate kit. Only got a two page sheet of instructions with 6 solutions and variable power transformer. Not alot of information like what I would want the various power settings for.

      I figured out alot by reading the website sales pages and this forum.
      Of course if I'm not at home I can't do that, like if I take the kid to the park and do some plating there. Better printed instructions would be a big plus. Another thing on that is the fact I was thinking of buying a kit for my dad who has no computer or net access. He does have a 29 Huppmobile, 52 chevy, old trucks and other cars though
      Plus friends with old cars and trucks but no computers.

      Also I did not get a catalog. If you have a printed catalog it should be included with orders, at least for first time customers. I am sure you have lots more stuff I'll be buying, powder coat system, anodizing systems, and lots of other things I found on the website, but probably lots of stuff I haven't found yet also. Like I just stumbled acrossed the powder coat by accident, wasn't even thinking about looking for that. But since I found it I'll most likely buy it before long.

      Otherwise I am happy with my kit.
      Still haven't got to use it much yet. Flue just went thourgh here with a bad cold front too. School was closed for a week for flue, now wife has it, was extra cold for this area and now have another week of cold expected. Up north I don't mind 15 and below temps, but here it doesn't happen alot so no-ones prepared.
      Maybe when I go out fixing pipes and cars I can drum up some business for gold plated faucets and emblems