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Plating and high heat

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  • Plating and high heat

    How does high temps will most plating with stand?

    I read something abut the blueing on cycle exhaust being from a low quality chrome job, mostly jap bikes which I ride alot of. Actually I thought all chromed exhaust did the blueing at the engine if used?

    I want to plate alittle on a woodburner, it gets pretty hot. Sometimes don't want to stand too close, and of course no touchy.

    Will plating hold up on something like that? I'll be using a plug n plate if I do those areas. Not sure off hand which solution I'll use, gold or chrome.
    The material is steel.

    I could live with a blueish tint from the heat with chrome as long as it doesn't burn off, if need be.

    Also if plating gold, chrome has to be removed first? So if I want to do chrome plateing and gold lettering, I would use nail polish or laquer to mask/paint on the lettering before chrome plating, that area won't chrome right.
    Then I remove the mask before gold plating. So, would I need to mask the chrome before doing the gold? Or will the gold just have no effect over the chrome and I don't have to worry about over lapping?


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    Most plates, if done properly, will hold up fine to high temperatures.

    Yes, you need to remove the real chrome first. Yes, use lacquer to mask off certain areas and they won't plate.

    You're plating using Copy Chome™ not real chrome, so you'll need to mask that off too, otherwise the gold will plate over the Copy Chrome™

    The included pens allow you to be very precise with the plating solution, so if you have a steady hand, you might be able to get away without lacquering.
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